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Sustainable business practices are central to our mission 成为北美首屈一指的能源基础设施公司. 我们的可持续商业实践从高层做起 governance and oversight by our board and cascade to all levels of our business. This focus on sustainability drives our high-performance culture 并在管理关键风险和推进机遇方面取得了重大进展 growth platforms - Sempra California, Sempra Texas和Sempra Infrastructure.

2022 sustainability report

25 years advancing sustainable business practices

Our latest corporate sustainability report, 25 years advancing sustainable business practices, describes our environmental, 社会和治理风险与机遇,分享我们2022年的亮点和进展.

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Strategic pillars  

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Enabling the energy transition

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Driving resilient operations

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Achieving world-class safety

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Championing people

Sustainability at our businesses

森普拉家族公司拥有2万多名优秀员工 deliver energy with purpose to nearly 40 million consumers every day. Sempra正在帮助我们三国中一些世界上最重要的经济市场实现电气化和脱碳 growth platforms:

Sempra California | SDG&E and SoCalGas

Sempra Texas | Oncor

Sempra Infrastructure

The answer is yes

气候正在发生变化,这是一个很大的共识, 社会必须努力使我们的生活脱碳,以减缓环境, economic and social impacts. With energy integral to every facet of modern life, 发展清洁能源基础设施将巩固 transition 为零净的未来,为所有人创造新的可能性.

Our role in the energy transition

Sempra is...

我们的20,000多名员工致力于为世界各地的每个人带来更清洁的能源解决方案. 我们正在为可持续性和弹性进行创新,并建立未来的能源网络.

Building resilient energy systems


Advancing a clean energy future

我们正在通过帮助在我们服务的市场提供低碳能源来推进能源转型, with an increasing focus on climate resilience.

Advancing a better future for all

我们相信,我们将在未来的能源领域发挥重要作用. 我们的目的是通过促进能源多样化,为全球能源转型提供领导, resiliency, affordability and access for all.

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Sempra is...

Building resilient energy systems

Advancing a clean energy future

Advancing a better future for all

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